Some easy recipes

Fruit loaf

Half pound margarine melted in pot combined with half pint boiling water and just over three quarters pound of fruit (sultanas & currants). Simmer for five minutes then let cool.

Put in bowl pound of self raising flour – 4 level teaspoons baking soda and half pound of sugar.
Once fruit and margarine cool add to mixture Along with 4 beaten eggs as well. Mix together does 4 1 pound loaf tins cook at 175 for 40 – 45 mins till ready!!!

Yoghurt loaf

Pound and 10 oz self raising flour
Pound and six oz sugar
4 eggs
2 hazelnut low fat yoghurts usually morrisons own make
1 & half yoghurt pot of cooking oil & no more than 2oz margarine
Mix whole lot together in kenwood mixer or whatever you have!! Does 4 1 pound tins again and cook at 175 for 40 mins give or take

Chocolate sponge

8oz margarine
8oz sugar
Cream together then add
8oz self raising flour + 2 oz drinking chocolate (more if wish)
2 medium to large eggs & 2 small eggs = 4

Add eggs individually along with little flour till everything added including left over flour add splash of milk beat well without over beating!!

Cook at 175 for 35 mins depending on oven does 2 small cake tins.

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