Chicken Casserole

Chicken casserole

4 chicken breasts finely cut
Juice of lemon and juice of orange
A little clear honey to taste and seasoning + rosemary
Half leek finely chopped and one onion finely chopped
One medium good sized carrot sliced
Two medium to large potatoes (keep skin if new potatoes if not peel of skin) sliced and season again to taste along with little parsley for topping
Half glass white or rose wine to dish before going in oven

Full instructions

Take four breast of chicken wash and cut into small pieces put the chicken into bottom of medium sized oven dish (deep casserole dish with lid).

Cut nob of butter and cut into pieces over chicken, add juice of one lemon and juice of one orange, season to taste with salt and pepper and add sprinkle of rosemary if like. Also before putting rosemary on put some clear honey over the chicken (meant to say do it after the nob of butter is best)

On top of chicken add white of leek finely chopped and one small/med onion finely chopped (when did last night only had leek so had to make do with vegetables that had)

One medium carrot sliced to size you want put on top of leek and onion, then two good size medium potatoes sliced season these vegetables also and put small sprinkling of parsley on top if like. Add half glass of either white or rose wine if you think there is not enough with the juices add tiny measure of water to casserole (was not necessary last night as had enough with the juices and wine)
Put lid on casserole cook at 250 for 40 mins then turn Down to 200 for another 20 mins, turn oven off after the hour but leave in for another 15 – 20 mins so as vegs are thoroughly cooked.

Note – make sure oven is at heat at start or will take longer to cook and need to leave at 250 for longer if oven not at heat at start!!!

It makes a great dish and we had with cauliflower and cheese sauce along with it. Add what herbs you want my parents don’t like them so only added a little to give hint of taste also with the juices of orange and lemon the chicken was lovely and succulent and it’s a nice easy healthy dish to make.

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