Nutty Crunch

Nutty Crunch tray bake
Short cut pastry (this does two trays not just one!!)

1 block stork hard margarine
4 oz sugar
10oz plain flour
4 oz self raising flour
2 tablespoons roughly water

Mix dry ingredients add egg and water put in fridge after made. Only need half of it for nutty crunch. Roll out onto tray

Nutty Crunch

1 cup sultanas
1 cup light or dark brown sugar (usually do half cup each.)
1 cup ground almonds
Quarter cup coconut
1 cup made up off – chopped hazelnut/flaked almonds/little walnut in small pieces – combination depends on what you like!!
2 eggs

Mix dry ingredients then add the two eggs mix together thoroughly for few minutes.

Put on tray turn in edges of pastry and cook at 179 for 25 mins cover for last 10 mins till golden brown.

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