What I used to call the “Love of My Life” I Now Call: “The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse: The Idealization, The Devaluation and The Discard”

Having just experienced this sort of relationship two miscarriages and glad no kids involved the destruction is lethal had he got away with what planned had I not got out before discard is so terrifying and scary.

He only wanted a quick marriage to get a different house and get half what worth when ditch me as he had hidden from me and what could not put finger on along with everything else that he owed thousands in council tax he also put an iPad and game over me and any possible future child meanwhile I was the only one working and propping his so called life up such a narrow lucky escape and when found out truth about council tax I almost committed suicide

After Narcissistic Abuse

When I look back at my life, just prior to the narcissist – I was a happy woman.

My children were leaving home, I was modeling, auditioning for a couple of tv shows, was considered, kind, gentle, loving, a great girlfriend to a few very nice men – bright, articulate, and above all else, HAPPY! I was often complimented on my very hearty, genuine, belly laugh – and how I always had a smile on my face or was always laughing.

When the narcissist entered my life – he came CHARGING IN! Immediately sweeping me off my feet – I didn’t even know what hit me. LITERALLY. I was boosted so high off the ground (that proverbial pedestal that were put on during a narcissist’s wooing operation”) He magnificently orchestrated the role for me that I was the woman who was going to save him from a loveless, sexless, happiness…

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