Brain Damage and Bad Habits from Narcissistic Abuse

Divorcing a Narcissist Blog

Stumbled upon an eye opening read this morning… Long-Term Narcissistic Abuse Can Cause Brain Damage by Kim Saaed . In this article, Kim discusses the actual impacts to the brain that are caused by a continued state of high cortisol and constantly living in the fear and anxiety caused by narcissistic abuse.

While it still makes me feel crummy to read that there are actually physical changes that happened to my brain as a result of what I lived through, it was also nice to see that there has been a proven link between using EMDR as a form of therapy and seeing some of those effects reversed. I cannot speak highly enough about EMDR therapy… it was a game-changer for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has trauma to process.

What is also interesting and this article does not touch on at all are the possible…

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