Ellen Rose & Fritz



You’ve probably noticed that Brooklyn is home to thousands of stray cats. They’re adorable, but they’re also resourceful and territorial creatures who maintain their family units in colonies. Our cat is from such a colony. In fact, he was born in our back patio. My husband Sam and I had been routinely feeding a sweet backyard cat, who we named Mama Cat, since she had produced a few litters of kittens over the years. We melted seeing the new kittens, but we soon realized how problematic it was to have an ever-growing backyard cat situation. This past summer Sam and I finally took the initiative to control our cat colony–getting certified by the ASPCA to use their resources and clinics. We managed to capture 7 felines from our backyard. All were given rabies vaccinations and were spayed or neutered.


Of the group, three were kittens, which were we able to…

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