Skye’s the Limit!

Travel B

The year is 2012.
Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.43.32 PM

I have gone to the Bonner Mall to take in the latest James Bond film. I see James Bond and M driving up this misty, stunning, stark, unbelievable mountain valley that I had no clue even EXISTED in the British Isles. I get home, and instantly get to work on Google. I find out that the misty, stark landscape was indeed Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands, and I proceed to become one gigantic Scotland-obsessed maniac. I went on a big ol’ Eurotrip/backpacking journey in 2013, but never made it farther north than Leighton Buzzard, a suburb outside of London.

Fast-forward three years. It is now the Year of Our Lord 2015. I have begged my mother incessantly to go to Scotland with me. She agrees. I spend the month of July planning our trip, and in October we finally head to my beloved Scotland. FINALLY!…

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