Today’s Thoughts or rambling Brooke!!!

Today’s Thoughts – positive vibes wee bit inspiration

In short life is never what one expects.

Somehow we all think by our forties that we have children, family, house, a good well paying job etc

But sometimes this just is not the case things happen we loose our path or way in life, we fall on hard times the road is never simple or easy.

Yet though hard it is some days when you just want to stay under the covers roll into a ball and cry then look on the plus side….

That you are alive, you have a pretty unique one of a kind and that you are worthy of what this world has to offer.

All of it…

Now that is in itself a miracle and every day is a privilege whether a good or bad day it’s called experience and to have family of any sort is something we don’t all have.

So in short thank who ever is up there and be aware though there is always hard times and experiences they pass and make us stronger.

So breath deep and do the best not everyone is going to like you for who you are but be yourself counts for a lot.

And we are all just passengers in this life so make the most of each moment enjoy family, parents, children, nieces and nephews etc Love

Nature plants, animals being able to talk and walk and walk out into that big wide world no matter what it throws at us…..

Ok and I stop before I go into a huge ramble

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