Actually one of the best things you can do to keep your mind active!!! It don’t matter if it’s good or bad whether you have dyslexia or any other problem that might hinder you ie spelling, grammar! It is still a worthwhile exercise.

Especially to write something from the imagination and bring it to life pen to paper or fingers to keyboard!!! It is an expressive art that we all have the right to its magical, time consuming, diplomacy to keep going if writing a novel and getting through writers block.

It’s also a craft in the technology age that can’t be lost!!!! Plus look at how many successful authors and journalists there are. Its also for people who are not great talkers a great way of finding expression and reaching a far wider audience.

It gives children whole new worlds and to use there imagination and where everything is now instant, learning kids that though it may seem boring it broadens the mind and enhances in a way few things do.

Whether adult or child being able to write, to express feelings and share what is in our heart and soul in such a way. Is a huge blessing and necessary part of human life…..

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