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Grilled Chicken strips with parsley and sweet chilli

Grilled Chicken Strips with parsley, honey and sweet chilli sauce and lemon

Original comfort food serve with roast Potatoes and rice or your choice

I put potatoes on first sorry cheat with bought ones half hour to cook in oven then put on rice usually takes twenty minutes

Meanwhile put conventional grill on to 200

Put on oven proof dish strips of chicken salt and pepper

Add half juice of a lemon and some aromat

Then add good slug of honey, not quite as much sweet chilli sauce then good sprinkle of parsley

Massage all into chicken strips.

Wash hands put in grill increase heat to highest usually takes 15 mins turn half way and make sure chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Serve with roast potatoes, rice and have extra sweet chilli sauce for extra and enjoy


4-6 chicken strips per person

Good sprinkle of parsley

Good slug of honey

Almost equal of sweet chilli sauce

Salt, pepper and aromat

Juice of half a lemon

Climate Change

Climate Change

Today’s news is not surprising and though there was no mention of when the tilt would become unstoppable it is extremely worrying for mankind, nature and every living organism on this planet the effects can already be seen.

Yet the complacencies which have been there since the nineteen eighties and nineties still exists….

Plus it goes beyond government, whether we are rich or poor – its our children and there children who will be affected by the lack of movement on this front. Like the plastic debate these improvements could have been in place years earlier.

We are now playing catch up with nature itself and weather which can only become more harder to predict and flooding and drought increasing…..

Wind farms etc all renewables are here to stay, coal a by gone era but the implications are massive not only to people in low lying areas, but coral reefs, nature’s own mechanism will break down completely.

Unless we the people who call this earth home can put aside all differences from politics to religion and fully embrace the impact we have on the environment around us and it does not matter your class or background.

If we awaken our spirit and soul instead of making what appears to be a half hearted change, we might actually accomplish something for humanity. Instead of continually polluting and over riding nature by our excess living and need to urbanise everywhere.

The cost already has been much hurricanes, Forrest fires, flooding all nature’s way of saying that we are indeed devastating our planet at a momentous pace fuel, planes, carbon omissions must be flagged not just in the decade time frame given but far quicker.

To have any real hope we must work with scientists, environmentalists, natures advocates and find a way to enhance our world not destroy it. Governments the world over need to think along the same lines for one day it will impact far deeper than already is.

Plus make sure that electric cars, how we get from A to B whether in an urban jungle or countryside is truly feasible and operational to one and all. This area has improved greatly in

Last ten years along with renewables but to fully ascertain today’s predictions from the report.

The groundwork is still very substantial on all fronts, no matter what culture, government or anything else. We love or our home, our land, it’s Forrest’s, trees, lakes, rivers and seas. The animals and livestock which provide our food and plants.

We live in a beautiful planet and it’s our obligation each and everyone of us to heed today’s message for not only our sake and our children’s but to make this world a stable clean environment, that is no longer being polluted by our current needs.

It is a huge challenge but one we are all responsible for and like plastic we are clogging the arteries of this planet for human need and consumption something which goes back many years.

Yet it can be reversed, we have the knowledge, the power and the humanity to do so and if we really can do it – the results might just surprise us as we are all connected…..

Today’s Thoughts or rambling Brooke!!!

Today’s Thoughts – positive vibes wee bit inspiration

In short life is never what one expects.

Somehow we all think by our forties that we have children, family, house, a good well paying job etc

But sometimes this just is not the case things happen we loose our path or way in life, we fall on hard times the road is never simple or easy.

Yet though hard it is some days when you just want to stay under the covers roll into a ball and cry then look on the plus side….

That you are alive, you have a pretty unique one of a kind and that you are worthy of what this world has to offer.

All of it…

Now that is in itself a miracle and every day is a privilege whether a good or bad day it’s called experience and to have family of any sort is something we don’t all have.

So in short thank who ever is up there and be aware though there is always hard times and experiences they pass and make us stronger.

So breath deep and do the best not everyone is going to like you for who you are but be yourself counts for a lot.

And we are all just passengers in this life so make the most of each moment enjoy family, parents, children, nieces and nephews etc Love

Nature plants, animals being able to talk and walk and walk out into that big wide world no matter what it throws at us…..

Ok and I stop before I go into a huge ramble